Scotland vs Sri Lanka 35th Match at Hobart, 11 Mar, 2015

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat
Sri Lanka 363/9 (50)
Scotland 215/10 (43.1)
Sri Lanka won by 148 runs
Man of the Match: KC Sangakkara
  • Alasdair Evans 1 * (5)

Over 0.2SL Malinga bowls good length delivery to KJ Coetzer, gives a return catch to the bowler who makes no mistake! .He is Caught

Over 7.3 KMDN Kulasekara to C MacLeod, out Bowled!! This was full and swung back late into the right-hander, MacLeod was looking to flick it towards the on-side, falls over in the process, the ball brushes his pads and deflects onto the middle stump.MacLeod b N Kulasekara 11(21)

Over 11.2TM Dilshan to Matt MachanOut LBW ...

Over 31.6NLTCPerera to PL MommsenHe is Caught ...

Over 35.6 KMDN Kulasekara to Freddie Coleman, out Caught by T Perera!!  It was the leg-spinner from Kulasekara, Coleman was looking to launch it over the long-on fence, but he can't time it as it came off the toe-end. The fielder at long-on comes under it and almost drops the simplest of catches as it popped out of his hands, but he did well at the end to hang onto it. Coleman c T Perera b N Kulasekara 70(74)

Over 39.4 PVD Chameera to Matthew Cross, out Caught by Sangakkara!! It was short and well outside off, Cross went for the pull, but ends up slicing it high in the air. Sangakkara runs back to his right, gets under it and takes a good catch in the ends. Matthew Cross c Sangakkara b Dushmantha Chameera 7(10)

Over 40.5 SL Malinga to Rob Taylor, out Caught by T Perera!! Slower delivery outside off, Taylor clears the front leg and wanted to loft it over mid-on, he was too early into the shot and mistimes it completely off the toe-end of the bat, the ball goes towards mid-on, who moves back a little and takes a simple catch. Rob Taylor c T Perera b Malinga 3(6)

Over 41.1 PVD Chameera to RD Berrington,  out Caught by N Kulasekara!!  It was fuller and outside off, Berrington was trying to clear the man at mid-on there, but can't get the elevation. He ends up hitting it straight to Kula.Berrington c N Kulasekara b Dushmantha Chameera 29(22)

Over 43.1 PVD Chameera to JH Davey, out Caught by Thirimanne!!  It was a back of a length delivery just outside off, Davey pushes at it, gets an outside edge that is well caught by Thirimanne at slip, who moves across low to his left to complete the catch.Davey c Thirimanne b Dushmantha Chameera 4(7)