Australia vs India 1st ODI at Sydney, 12 Jan, 2019

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
Australia 288/5 (50)
India 254/9 (50)
Australia won by 34 runs
Man of the Match: Jhye Richardson
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar 29 * (23)

Over 46.1 Jhye Richardson bowls a good length delivery to Kuldeep Yadav,1 run, gets forward and works it away through square leg and picks up a single.

Over 46.3 Jhye Richardson bowls a good length delivery to Kuldeep Yadav, no run, gets forward and tries to play across the line but misses and the ball struck on the pads down the leg side.

Over 46.4 Jhye Richardson bowls it short of length to Kuldeep Yadav,1 run, shuffles across on the back foot and pulls along the ground to deep mid-wicket

Over 47.5 Marcus Stoinis bowls a good length delivery to Kuldeep Yadav,1 leg bye, walks across and misses the flick, pings the thigh pad and rolls into the leg-side

Over 48.3 PM Siddle bowls a back of length delivery to Kuldeep Yadav,1 run, moves across in the crease and pulls it behind square on the onside.

Over 48.6 PM Siddle bowls a good length delivery to Kuldeep Yadav, out Caught by Khawaja!! Kuldeep went a long way across and had a big swipe at the slower ball outside off stump, dragged off the thick inside half and picked out the man at deep backward square.