Hyderabad XI vs Mumbai XI 9th Match at Chennai, 17 Apr, 2021

Toss: Mumbai, who chose to bat
Mumbai XI 150/5 (20)
Hyderabad XI 137/10 (19.4)
Mumbai won by 13 runs
Man of the Match: Kieron Pollard

    Over 8.1 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to Manish Pandey, no run, gets reaches out for the pull and mistimes to mid-wicket

    Over 8.2 Rahul Chahar bowls it short of length to Manish Pandey,1 run, stays deep inside the crease and drags this pull to deep mid-wicket

    Over 8.3 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to David Warner, no run, Premeditates the lap sweep to a turning leg break that pitches around middle, and spins in with bounce.

    Over 8.4 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to David Warner,1 run, gets forward and clipped away behind square leg

    Over 8.5 Rahul Chahar bowls it flat in the air to Manish Pandey, no run, plays it late with soft hands onto the track.

    Over 8.6 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to Manish Pandey, out Caught by Pollard!! Looks to go downtown against the leg break but ends up slicing it and Pollard makes no mistake in the deep.

    Over 10.1 Rahul Chahar bowls a pitched up delivery to David Warner,Six! Goes down on his knee and plays a slog sweep over deep mid-wicket and the ball went all the way in to the stands.

    Over 10.2 Rahul Chahar bowls a good length delivery to David Warner,1 run, makes room to dab it towards backward point

    Over 10.3 Rahul Chahar bowls a good length delivery to Virat Singh, no run, Backed away early but this is the leg break that spun sharply with bounce to rap him on the thigh.

    Over 10.4 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to Virat Singh,1 run, gets forward and swept away down to fine leg

    Over 10.5 Rahul Chahar bowls it short of length to David Warner, 2 runs,  camps back and nurdles this through the gap at deep square leg. Brisk running fetches them a brace

    Over 10.6 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to David Warner, 1 leg bye, Warner on the thigh and this dribbles towards the backward point region. Virat Singh was alert and goaded his skipper through for a well-judged run.

    Over 11.1: Single. Rahul Chahar to David Warner,

    Over 12.1: Single. Rahul Chahar to Virat Singh,

    Over 12.2: No runs. Rahul Chahar to Vijay Shankar,

    Over 12.3: Single. Rahul Chahar to Vijay Shankar,

    Over 12.4: Single. Rahul Chahar to Virat Singh,

    Over 12.5: No runs. Rahul Chahar to Vijay Shankar,

    Over 12.6: Single. Rahul Chahar to Vijay Shankar,

    Over 14.1 Rahul Chahar bowls it short of length to Virat Singh, out Caught by Suryakumar Yadav!! Rock back in the crease and tries to play the big shot but ends up slicing the loft straight down long-off's throat.

    Over 14.2 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to Abhishek Sharma, no run, gets forward and defends it back to the bowler.

    Over 14.3 Rahul Chahar bowls it flat in the air to Abhishek Sharma, no run, gets across the line and works it to short fine leg.

    Over 14.4 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to Abhishek Sharma, 2 runs, gets forward and sweeps it over short fine leg and picks up a couple of runs.

    Over 14.5 Rahul Chahar bowls it flat in the air to Abhishek Sharma, out Caught by Milne!!

    Over 14.6 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to Abdul Samad, no run, hangs back and defends with soft hands

    Over 15.1 Krunal Pandya tossed up delivery to Vijay Shankar, no run, stays back and pats it back to the bowler