Hyderabad XI vs Mumbai XI 9th Match at Chennai, 17 Apr, 2021

Toss: Mumbai, who chose to bat
Mumbai XI 150/5 (20)
Hyderabad XI 137/10 (19.4)
Mumbai won by 13 runs
Man of the Match: Kieron Pollard

    Over 14.6 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to Abdul Samad, no run, hangs back and defends with soft hands

    Over 15.6 Krunal Pandya bowls it short of length to Abdul Samad,1 run, punched off the back foot towards long-off

    Over 16.1 Jasprit Bumrah bowls a good length delivery to Abdul Samad, no run, gets forward and attempted slog. Way too early into the shot and misses

    Over 16.2 Jasprit Bumrah bowls a slower one to Abdul Samad,1 run, gets back in the crease and dabbed gently towards point

    Over 16.5 Jasprit Bumrah bowls a pitched up delivery to Abdul Samad,1 run, gets forward and  jammed out down the ground towards long-on

    Over 17.2 Trent Boult bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to Abdul Samad, no run, gets forward and left alone outside off through to the keeper.

    Over 17.3 Trent Boult bowls it short of length to Abdul Samad, Boundary! Rock back in the crease and muscles the pull through the gap at square leg.