Bangalore XI vs Kolkata XI 31st Match at Abu Dhabi, 20 Sep, 2021

Toss: Royal Challengers Bangalore, who chose to bat
Bangalore XI 92/10 (19)
Kolkata XI 94/1 (10)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 9 wickets
Man of the Match: Varun Chakravarthy

    Over 1.4 Prasidh Krishna bowls a good length delivery to Virat Kohli, out Lbw!! The nip-backer, shaped back into the right-hander and caught Kohli in the crease, he ended up playing down the wrong line, past the inside edge and struck him in front of middle

    Over 5.6 Lockie Ferguson bowls a good length delivery to Devdutt Padikkal, out Caught by Karthik!! Padikkal to play the ramp past the keeper - the idea was right, but the execution went awry. Only managed a thin edge on its way to the keeper.

    Over 8.1 Andre Russell bowls a good length delivery to Srikar Bharat, out Caught by Shubman Gill!!  Rocks back on the pull, doesn't get anywhere near the middle of the bat and spoons it in the air towards deep mid-wicket 

    Over 8.4 Andre Russell bowls a good length delivery to AB de Villiers, out Bowled!! Shuffled across on the whip, but the ball snuck through his legs, clipped his back-pad and then wnet on to hit the stumps.

    Over 11.4 Varun Chakravarthy bowls a quicker arm ball to GJ Maxwell, out Bowled!!  Maxwell clears his front leg for a massive slog over mid-wicket. Moved leg-side and was a shot played in frustration. Misses it altogether and the ball crashes into the leg-stump.

    Over 11.5 Varun Chakravarthy bowls a quicker arm ball to Wanindu Hasaranga, out Lbw!! Hasaranga gets forward to block and is beaten on the inside edge by the spin. He was probably playing for the one going the other way. Gets rapped on the back leg. 

    Over 13.4 Varun Chakravarthy bowls a quicker arm ball to Sachin Baby, out Caught by Nitish Rana!! Sachin Baby decided to swing his willow to slog over the on-side. Slices it in the air off the outer edge and it's a sitter for Rana at backward point.

    Over 15.3 Varun Chakravarthy tossed up delivery to Harshal Patel, out Jamieson Run Out!! Harshal Patel drills it down the pitch and Chakravarthy deflects the ball onto the stumps as he dives to his right in an attempt to stop it in his followthrough. Jamieson, backing up a long way, can't get back in time. 

    Over 16.3 Lockie Ferguson bowls a pitched up delivery to Harshal Patel, out Bowled!!  Patel backed away, cleared his front leg and tried to squeeze it away. Only managed an under-edge as the ball deflected onto his stumps

    Over 18.6 Andre Russell bowls a good length delivery to Mohammed Siraj, out Caught by Chakravarthy!!