New Zealand vs Scotland at Dubai, 03 Nov, 2021

Toss: Scotland, who chose to bowl
New Zealand 172/5 (20)
Scotland 156/5 (20)
New Zealand won by 16 runs
Man of the Match: Martin Guptill

    Over 7.3 Ish Sodhi tossed up delivery to George Munsey,Six!  Moves on the off-side and fast swing of the bat and it's a flat hit over deep square leg. 

    Over 7.4 Ish Sodhi tossed up delivery to George Munsey, Six! Gets cleared the front leg out and muscled the slog across the line over mid-wicket and gets another maximum.

    Over 13.6 Mitchell Santner tossed up delivery to RD Berrington, Six! Rocks back and pulls this short delivery over deep backward square leg to keep up with the asking rate.

    Over 16.5 Trent Boult bowls a good length delivery to Michael Leask, Six! Clears his front leg out of the way, smashes it over mid-wicket for a six.

    Over 17.4 Ish Sodhi tossed up delivery to Michael Leask,Six!  Gets waits and muscles it over deep backward square leg for a maximum.

    Over 18.6 Tim Southee bowls a good length delivery to Chris Greaves,Six!  Stepped down the pitch to this knuckle ball and hit it over deep mid-wicket