England vs India 1st T20I at Southampton, 07 Jul, 2022

Toss: India, who chose to bat
India 198/8 (20)
England 148/10 (19.3)
India won by 50 runs
Man of the Match: Hardik Pandya
  • Chris Jordan 29 * (18)

Over 2.1 Moeen Ali bowls it short of length to Ishan Kishan,1 run, goes deep inside the crease and pulls to deep mid-wicket

Over 2.2 Moeen Ali tossed up delivery to Rohit Sharma, no run, gets the leading-edges the defence on the ground back to Moeen Ali

Over 2.3 Moeen Ali tossed up delivery to Rohit Sharma, Boundary! Goes down on his knee and sweeps over backward square leg for a boundary.

Over 2.4 Moeen Ali tossed up delivery to Rohit Sharma, Boundary! Gets forward and sweeps in the air and it's a one-bounce four to deep backward square leg

Over 2.5 Moeen Ali bowls it flat in the air to Rohit Sharma,  out Caught by Buttler!! Rohit punches and outside-edges it to Buttler who takes a very good catch. That was a thick edge and he held it easily. 

Over 2.6 Moeen Ali bowls a quicker arm ball to Deepak Hooda, no run, Hooda who's on the forward movement to flick misses, may have been an inside-edge onto the pads,

Over 4.1: Sixer!. Moeen Ali to Deepak Hooda,

Over 4.2: Sixer!. Moeen Ali to Deepak Hooda,

Over 4.3: No runs. Moeen Ali to Deepak Hooda,

Over 4.5: He is Caught. Moeen Ali to Ishan Kishan,

Over 4.6: Boundary!. Moeen Ali to Suryakumar Yadav,