India vs Sri Lanka 5th Match at Adelaide Oval, 14 Feb, 2012

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat
Sri Lanka 236/9 (50)
India 236/9 (50)
Match tied
Man of the Match: MS Dhoni
  • Umesh Yadav 0 * (0)
  • MS Dhoni 58 * (69)

  Over 6.0   

Over 5.6 KMDN Kulasekara to SR TendulkarCAUGHT, Sachin goes back to punch it through the off side and edges the away going delivery to the keeper.

  Over 15.0   

Over 14.1NLTC Perera to V Kohli, OUT LBW, Kohli gets half forward and looks to flick it through squareleg and is hit on the pad plumb infront of middle by an inswinger!

  Over 22.0   

Over 21.5HMRKB Herath to G Gambhir, Rohit RUN OUT! Gambhir gets forward and nudges this to short thirdman and Rohit calls him for a risky run. There is a direct throw from Mahela and Rohit has his bat just on the line which belongs to the Umpire!

  Over 28.0   

Over 27.4SL Malinga to SK Raina, CAUGHT, Raina goes for a leg glance to a full delivery down the legside but ends up getting caught low by the diving Sangakakra.

  Over 41.0   

Over 40.3SL Malinga to MS Dhoni, Gambhir Run Out! Dhoni flicks a full ball towards mid on, he starts off for a run but sees that its firmly struck and changes his mind. Gambhir has to return back and has no chance and unfortunately gets run out by a direct hit from Kulasekara for 91!

  Over 44.0   

Over 43.3NLTC Perera to RA Jadeja, CAUGHT, Jadeja gets forward and drives the pitched up delivery on the up and the uppish shot is brilliantly caught low by Mahela at covers.

  Over 48.0   

Over 47.4SL Malinga to R Ashwin, CAUGHT, this is a slower one and Ashwin desperate to go for a big hit struggles in his lofted drive and can only spoon it into the hands of Senanayake at extra covers.

  Over 49.0   

Over 48.4AD Mathews to IK Pathan, RUN OUT, Pathan looks to whack it and gets an inside edge onto the pad. Meanwhile MSD takes off for a quick run but Pathan isn't moving anywhere! In the end, Pathan sacrifices his wicket by moving towards the bowling end.

  Over 50.0   

Over 49.1SL Malinga to MS Dhoni, 2 runs, drills a yorker towards long on and Dhoni quickly calls for two and Vinay makes it with a dive.

Over 49.2SL Malinga to MS Dhoni, 1 rungets forward and inside edges his rash flick onto the pad but steals a single from the bowler.

Over 49.3SL Malinga to R Vinay Kumar, 1 run, goes back and pushes it towards point and manages to get a single.

Over 49.4SL Malinga to MS Dhoni, 1 run, whacks the near yorker straight to Mahela at mid wicket and needlessly goes for a single. The throw is a good one to Malinga with Dhoni well short of his crease! But Malinga doesn't collect it and had even disturbed the stumps before having the ball in his hands!

Over 49.5SL Malinga to R Vinay Kumar, RUN OUT, Vinay hammers the full delivery firmly to mid off and sets off for a risky run. He is way short of his crease with Mathews hitting the stumps with an underarm throw. That leaves MSD with four runs to get from the final ball!


Over 49.6 SL Malinga to MS Dhoni, 3 runs, this is not quite the yorker and MSD manages to smack it over extra covers. It looks good for a boundary but there is a diving stop and the fielder pulls the ball a little far away and that allows MSD and Yadav to complete the third run! The match ends in a dramatic tie with that and the two teams share a couple of points each!!