Sri Lanka vs England 3rd ODI at Hambantota, 03 Dec, 2014

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat first
Sri Lanka 242/8 (35)
England 236/5 (33.4)
England won by 5 wickets (D/L method)
Man of the Match: Jos Buttler
  • Jos Buttler 55 * (37)
  • Joe Root 48 * (48)

Over 11.4 KTGD Prasad  to AN Cook,  out Caught by Sangakkara!! The umpires check for a possible no-ball, but it was a legal delivery. Good length delivery in the corridor around off, Cook prods at it tentatively. Cook c Sangakkara b Dhammika 34(42)

Over 14.5 NLTC Perera to Moeen Ali, out Moeen Ali Run Out!! It was a back of a length delivery around off, Ali punches it towards mid-off, where Herath is stationed on the edge of the circle, it was always Ali's call, but Hales was ball watching and by the time he sent back his partner it was too late. Herath threw the ball to Sanga, who ran forward, collected and whipped the bails off. Moeen Ali run out (Herath/Sangakkara) 58(40) 

Over 21.5 AD Mathews to Alex Hales, out Caught by A Mendis!! On a length and on off, Hales races down the track, but can't get hold of the big hit. Drags it straight to the fielder at mid-on off the inside half of the bat. Mathews' disappointment turns into joy now. Hales c A Mendis b Mathews 27(29) 

Over 22.3 HMRKB Herath to RS Bopara, no runs, out Caught by Sangakkara!!  This was pushed through by Herath and down leg. Bopara attempts a paddle sweep, runs it off the face of the bat to Sanga, who had anticipated the ball early, moving to his left to snaffle it..Bopara c Sangakkara b Herath 6(3)

Over 23.1AD Mathews to EJG Morgan He is Caught ...

Over 31.2 KTGD Prasad bowls a pitched up delivery to Joe Root, 1 run, gets forward and wants to slog it over the leg-side, gets a leading edge over the covers.