Sri Lanka vs England 7th ODI at Colombo, 16 Dec, 2014

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat first
Sri Lanka 302/6 (50)
England 215/10 (45.5)
Sri Lanka won by 87 runs
Man of the Match: TM Dilshan
  • Harry Gurney 6 * (11)

Over 1.2 TM Dilshan to Moeen Ali, out Bowled!! Quicker and straighter, Ali makes room and tries to cut but misses and the ball hits on the top of the middle.Moeen Ali b Dilshan 0(1)

Over 7.2 TM Dilshan to Alex Hales, out Caught by S Prasanna!!This was a tossed up delivery on off, Hales skips down the track and looks to send it over long-on, but does not get of the middle off the bat, Prasanna at long-on takes the easiest of catches. Hales c S Prasanna b Dilshan 7(15)

Over 12.6 RAS Lakmal to AN Cook, out Caught by M Jayawardene!! It was a length delivery by Lakmal, Cook was drawn on the front foot as he looked to drive, gets a thick outside edge that flies to the left of Mahela, who dives and snaffles a fantastic take. Cook c M Jayawardene b Lakmal 32(49)

Over 14.2 RAS Lakmal to James Taylor, out Caught by Sangakkara!! It was banged in short by Lakmal on the hips, Taylor looked to fend it off into the on-side, the ball lobbed off the glove, offering a simple catch to Sanga. James Taylor c Sangakkara b Lakmal 2(4)

Over 27.3 Seekkuge Prasanna to JC Buttler,  out Caught by Chandimal!! Nice loopy delivery outside off, Buttler wanted to hit it a lot straighter, but ends up slicing it towards deep extra cover, Chandimal settles under it and takes a fine catch. Buttler c Chandimal b S Prasanna 23(23)

Over 40.6 Seekkuge Prasanna to Chris Jordan, out Lbw!! AThis was pushed through quicker and on the stumps, Jordan was looking to nudge it towards the on-side, ends up playing all around it. The impact was around middle and the ball would have been crashed into the middle stump.Jordan lbw b S Prasanna 0(1)

Over 45.5 DPMD Jayawardene to JC Tredwell, out Stumped!!  This was tossed up on off and spun away, Tredwell charged down the track, was completely beaten in the flight as he swished across the line. Simple stumping for Sangakkara. Tredwell st Sangakkara b M Jayawardene 17(21)