Brisbane Heat vs Hobart Hurricanes 27th Match at Brisbane, 15 Jan, 2015

Toss: Hobart Hurricanes, who chose to bowl first
Brisbane Heat 198/6 (20)
Hobart Hurricanes 180/8 (20)
Brisbane Heat won by 18 runs
Man of the Match: Chris Lynn
  • Cameron Boyce 24 * (9)
  • BJ Hilfenhaus 38 * (31)

Over 1.2 BJ Hilfenhaus to Joe Burns,  out Caught by Ben Dunk!!  He charges Hilfenhaus and edges the outswinger to the keeper. The ball shaped away beautifully and took the tiny nick as Burns went for a big hit. Burns c Ben Dunk b Hilfenhaus 1(4)

Over 12.1 Evan Gulbis  to CA Lynn, out Caught by (sub)Dominic Michael!!. Low full toss, he sliced it straight to the fielder at long-off. Came off the outside half as he went for another biggie. More of a tired stroke that. Lynn c (sub)Dominic Michael b Gulbis 81(35) 

Over 15.1 Cameron Boyce to PJ Forrest, out Caught by (sub)Dominic Michael!! Forrest has holed out to a full toss. Down the track and slogged straight to the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Another catch for the sub. Forrest c (sub)Dominic Michael b Boyce 46(48) 

Over 17.3 Shoaib Malik to DT Christian,  out Caught by Boyce!! Christian went half-heartedly at that and has gotten out. Came down and sort of checked his whip, it was a half bunt too and it carried to deep mid-wicket.Christian c Boyce b Shoaib Malik 20(12

Over 19.3 Shoaib Malik to Ben Cutting, out Caught by Hilfenhaus!! Ben Cutting went back and his loft finds Hilfy at long-on, a good catch as the ball was travelling. Hilfy running around to grab it.  Ben Cutting c Hilfenhaus b Shoaib Malik 24(8)

Over 19.4 Shoaib Malik to Nathan Reardon, out Caught by Gulbis!!  Reardon skips out and is hitting to the longest part, a meaty hit, but he finds the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Straight down his throat. Reardon c Gulbis b Shoaib Malik 20(11)