Brisbane Heat vs Hobart Hurricanes 27th Match at Brisbane, 15 Jan, 2015

Toss: Hobart Hurricanes, who chose to bowl first
Brisbane Heat 198/6 (20)
Hobart Hurricanes 180/8 (20)
Brisbane Heat won by 18 runs
Man of the Match: Chris Lynn
  • Cameron Boyce 24 * (9)
  • BJ Hilfenhaus 38 * (31)

Over 3.3 BJ Hilfenhaus bowls a good length delivery to CA Lynn, Six!! Backs away and whacks it over long-off for a maximum.

Over 3.5 BJ Hilfenhaus bowls it short of length to CA Lynn, Six!! Moves across in the crease and heaves it over deep mid-wicket for another maximum.

Over 8.5 Evan Gulbis bowls a pitched up delivery to CA Lynn, Six!! Comes down the track and  Flat-batted high and over long-on, the ball sailed into the crowd

Over 15.6 Cameron Boyce bowls a tossed up delivery to Nathan Reardon, Six!! Comes on to the front foot and slogs it over deep mid-wicket fence for six.

Over 18.6 BJ Hilfenhaus bowls a good length delivery to Ben Cutting, Six!! Gets waits on the crease and when the length ball comes, he blasts it way back into the stands at long-on

Over 19.2 Shoaib Malik bowls it short of length to Ben Cutting, Six!! Goes deep in the crease and pulls it over long-on and the ball went in to the crowd for Six,