Chennai XI vs Delhi XI 49th T20 at Raipur, 12 May, 2015

Toss: Chennai Super Kings, who chose to bat first
Chennai XI 119/6 (20)
Delhi XI 120/4 (16.4)
Delhi Daredevils won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Z Khan
  • Kedar Jadhav 1 * (1)
  • Shreyas Iyer 70 * (49)

Over 6.4 Shahbaz Nadeem bowls a tossed up delivery to DR Smith, Six!! Gets to the pitch if the ball and heaves it over long-on for a maximum.

Over 16.3 Yuvraj Singh bowls a tossed up delivery to MS Dhoni, Six!! Gets to the pitch of the ball and smocks it  it back over the bowler's head and hits it over the sightscreen.

Over 17.1 Gurinder Sandhu bowls a good length delivery to DJ Bravo, Six!! Comes down the track and heaves it over long-on and the ball went all the way in to the stands.