Bangladesh vs South Africa 2nd ODI at Dhaka, 12 Jul, 2015

Toss: South Africa, who chose to bat first
South Africa 162/10 (46)
Bangladesh 167/3 (27.4)
Bangladesh won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Soumya Sarkar
  • Shakib Al Hasan 0 * (4)
  • Soumya Sarkar 88 * (79)

Over 44.6NasirHossain bowls flighted delivery to ImranTahir, ducks under that to let it fly to the keeper over his bodyNo runs

Over 45.3MashrafeMortaza bowls good length delivery to ImranTahir, gets forward and defends it towards silly point.No runs

Over 45.4MashrafeMortaza bowls pitched up delivery to ImranTahir, goes back and cuts it away straight to backward point.No runs

Over 45.5MashrafeMortaza bowls short of length delivery to ImranTahir, gets forward and guides it away towards thirdman.Single