Zimbabwe vs India 3rd ODI at Harare, 14 Jul, 2015

Toss: Zimbabwe, who chose to bowl first
India 276/5 (50)
Zimbabwe 193/10 (42.4)
India won by 83 runs
Man of the Match: Kedar Jadhav
  • Donald Tiripano 13 * (13)

Over 5.3 MM Sharma bowls a good length delivery to H Masakadza, out LBW!! Masakadza is half forward, misses the flick and is struck on the kneeroll, the ball would have crashed into leg

Over 22.1 Akshar Patel bowls a tossed up delivery to RW Chakabva,  out Bowled!!  Chakabva makes room to cut it late, ends up dragging it back onto the stumps off the under-edge.

Over 25.1 M Vijay bowls a tossed up delivery to E Chigumbura,  out Lbw!! Chigumbura was looking to work it into the leg-side, he misses and wears it on the pad. There was a loud appeal and the umpire raised his finger in a flash

Over 34.6 STR Binny bowls a good length delivery to Richmond Mutumbami, out Lbw!! Mutumbami moves across the stumps and misses the flick, the ball strikes him right in line with middle and off, Umpire raises the finger.

Over 36.6 STR Binny bowls a good length delivery to M Waller, no runs, gets forward and went for a pull but misses.

Over 37.4 Harbhajan Singh bowls a quicker arm ball to Sikandar Raza Butt,  out Bowled!!  Raza makes room and once again tries to dab it fine towards third man but misses and the ball knocks over the off stump

Over 37.5 Harbhajan Singh bowls a tossed up delivery to AG Cremer, out Caught by Rahane!!  Cremer tries to turn it on the on-side, gets a leading edge, short mid-wicket dives forward and takes a low catch.

Over 38.5 STR Binny bowls a good length delivery to M Waller,  out Caught by Rahane!! Waller looks to on-drive the ball but gets a thick edge. Rahane stays low at first slip and takes a good catch.

Over 39.1 MM Sharma bowls it short of length to P Utseya, out Caught by Uthappa!! Utseya goes for the pull but only manages to get a top edge, Uthappa calls for it and takes it well.

Over 42.4Akshar Patel bowls flighted delivery to Neville Madziva, leaves his crease and is beaten by that delivery. The Keeper collects the ball and effects the stumping.Stumped out