Australia vs South Africa 3rd Test at Oval, 26 Nov, 2016

Toss: South Africa,who chose to bat first
South Africa 259/9 (76)  &  250/10 (85.2)
Australia 383/10 (121.1)  &  127/3 (40.5)
Australia won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Usman Khawaja
  • Peter Handscomb 1 * (4)
  • Matt Renshaw 34 * (137)

Over 2.6 Mitchell Starc bowls a good length delivery to Stephen Cook, no ball and no runs, gets forward and looks to play across the line but misses and the ball hit the pads right in front of middle but its a no ball

Over 6.5 Mitchell Starc bowls a good length delivery to D Elgar, out Caught by Khawaja!! Lovely bowling from Starc, Elgar can't cover for the swing, as a result, played away from his body, gets a thick edge and is well caught at third slip.

Over 12.1 J Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to HM Amla, out Caught by Renshaw!! Amla into a half-cock defence, finds the outside edge, low and to the right of first slip. Renshaw was alert to it, dives across to his right and snaps up a beauty.

Over 14.5 J Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to JP Duminy, out Caught by Wade!! Duminy is not to the pitch of the ball and he plays a loose drive. Gets an inside edge and it carries to Wade at a good height.

Over 32.1 Mitchell Starc bowls a good length delivery to Stephen Cook, out Caught by Smith!! A tentative poke away from the body from Cook. Flirts with the back of a length delivery leaving him outside off and edges it at a comfortable height to Smith at second slip. 

Over 42.1 Jackson Bird bowls a good length delivery to Temba Bavuma, out Caught by Wade! Bavuma feeling for it and perhaps gets it to hold its line a touch to catch the outside edge. Regulation for Wade.

Over 50.3 J Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to Quinton de Kock, out Caught by Wade!! de Kock made an error by having a tame poke at it, the ball jagged away, took the outside edge and carried nicely to the keeper.

Over 52.6 J Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to VD Philander, out Caught by Wade!! 

Over 67.6Jackson Bird to Kyle Abbott Out LBW ...

Over 70.1 Nathan Lyon bowls a tossed up delivery to Kagiso Rabada, out Stumped!! Rabada gets forward to push at it. The ball spins across his blade and Wade is quick to whip the bails off.