New Zealand vs Bangladesh 2nd T20I at Mount Maunganui, 06 Jan, 2017

Toss: Bangladesh,who chose to bowl first
New Zealand 195/7 (20)
Bangladesh 148/10 (18.1)
New Zealand won by 47 runs
Man of the Match: Colin Munro
  • Mustafizur Rahman 0 * (4)

Over 0.2 Mitchell Santner bowls it short of length to Imrul Kayes, no runs, goes on to the back foot and cuts it straight to the man at backward-point.

Over 0.3 Mitchell Santner bowls a good length delivery to Imrul Kayes, no runs, gets forward and fails to tuck it away, wears it high on the pads.

Over 0.4 Mitchell Santner bowls a tossed up delivery to Imrul Kayes, out Caught by Tom Bruce!! Kayes into a flase stroke - a slogsweep - ends up sending it off the thick top-edge and picks out the man at deep mid-wicket.