Mumbai XI vs Chennai XI 1st match at Mumbai, 07 Apr, 2018

Toss: Chennai Super Kings, who chose to bowl
Mumbai XI 165/4 (20)
Chennai XI 169/9 (19.5)
Chennai Super Kings won by 1 wicket
Man of the Match: Dwayne Bravo
  • Imran Tahir 2 * (2)
  • Kedar Jadhav 24 * (22)

Over 3.4 Hardik Pandya good length delivery to SR Watson,  out Caught by Lewis!! Watson moved across to flick. Plays a touch too early and that leads to his downfall. The ball settles straight into the hands of Lewis at long leg and he takes it simple.

Over 5.6 Hardik Pandya bowls a back of length delivery to Suresh Raina, out Caught by Krunal Pandya!! Raina backwed away and wanted to go over the in-field. Mistimes it off the top portion of the bat and finds mid-on.

Over 6.3 Mayank Markande bowls a tossed up delivery to AT Rayudu, out Lbw!! Rayudu, goes down on his knee and went for a sweep but he misses it completely and the ball beats the bat and struck on the pads at knee roll, thats plumb.Umpire raises the finger.

Over 8.3 Mayank Markande bowls a tossed up delivery to MS Dhoni, out Lbw!! Dhoni wasn't commited - either on the front foot or on the back foot. Didn't pick it at all and got beaten on the inside edge by a fair margin and struck on the pads.That was plumb.

Over 11.6 Mustafizur Rahman good length delivery to Ravindra Jadeja,  out Caught by Suryakumar Yadav!! Jadeja came down the track and throws his bat at it, only managing to lob it off the toe-end. No troubles for Yadav at mid-off. 

Over 12.6 Mayank Markande bowls a tossed up delivery to Deepak Chahar, out Stumped!! Chahar comes down the track and misses the ball completely and ball beats the outside edge, keeper does the rest.

Over 14.5 MJ McClenaghan good length delivery to Harbhajan Singh, out Caught by Bumrah!! Harbhajan go through with this upper cut. Nothing shot in the end, just gliding it down the fielder's throat at third man.

Over 16.3 Hardik Pandya good length delivery to Mark Wood, out Caught by Mustafizur Rahman!! Wood goes deep in the crease and pulls it hard but it straight down fine leg's throat.

Over 18.6 Jasprit Bumrah good length delivery to DJ Bravo, out Caught by Rohit!! , Bravo tries to swings hard  through mid wicket but he manage to slices it up to extra-cover.