England vs Pakistan 2nd Test at Leeds, 01 Jun, 2018

Toss: Pakistan , who chose to bat
Pakistan 174/10 (48.1)  &  134/10 (46)
England 363/10 (106.2)
England won by an innings and 55 runs
Man of the Match: Jos Buttler
  • Mohammad Amir 7 * (20)

Over 1.6 SCJ Broad bowls a pitched up delivery to Imam-ul-Haq, out Caught by Root! Imam comes forward and went for a flashy drive away from the body, the ball takes the thick outside edge and goes straight to Root at slip and he makes no mistake.

Over 9.1 SCJ Broad good length delivery to Azhar Ali, out Lbw!!  Azhar was probably late in getting his bat down and didn't quite account for the late movement either. Easiest of LBW decisions for the umpire.

Over 20.6 Chris Woakes good length delivery to Haris Sohail, out Caught by Malan!! Sohail was neither forward nor back as he prodded at that, at best, he was only going to edge it. Went with pretty hard hands and Malan couldn't have asked for an easier catch.

Over 24.3 Chris Woakes good length delivery to Asad Shafiq, out Caught by Cook!! Shafiq had to play at that, gets opened up and the edge is found. It flew at a very good height to Cook and he grabs it on the second attempt

Over 28.1 JM Anderson good length delivery to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Bowled!! Sarfraz does his best to try whipping it through mid-wicket but ends up doing all that all around it. A rebound off the front pad and the stumps are broken.

Over 29.2 SCJ Broad good length delivery to Usman Salahuddin, out Lbw!! Salahuddin plants his big front leg out - in that plumb-getting manner - and tries playing across the line. Done in on pace and HawkEye shows it to be crashing into the outside of leg.

Over 30.2 JM Anderson good length delivery to Faheem Ashraf, out Lbw!! Ashraf stays caught up trying to drive/defend/live. Nope. It's off the inside half of the front flap and then firmly on the back leg. The umpire raises the finger.

Over 38.5 JM Anderson good length delivery to Mohammad Amir, out Caught by Bairstow!! Short, sitting up outside off does it. Perhaps some extra bounce out there as Amir gets a thick feather through to the keeper.

Over 43.6 Chris Woakes bowls it short of length to Hasan Ali, out Caught and Bowled!!  Hasan was stuck on the crease due to the previous bouncer, expected another one and just pushed at this fullish ball. Got a leading edge that ballooned straight back towards Woakes who had no problems grabbing it in his followthrough.

Over 48.1 Sam Curran good length delivery to Shadab Khan, out Caught by Jennings!!Shadab had no option though, goes for the slog but only mistimes it straight to the man at deep mid-wicket.