Bangladesh vs Pakistan 6th Match, Super Four at Abu Dhabi, 26 Sep, 2018

Toss: Bangladesh, who chose to bat
Bangladesh 239/10 (48.5)
Pakistan 202/9 (50)
Bangladesh won by 37 runs
Man of the Match: Mushfiqur Rahim
  • Junaid Khan 3 * (10)
  • Shaheen Afridi 14 * (20)

Over 0.5 Mehidy Hassan bowls it flat in the air to Fakhar Zaman, out Caught by Rubel! Zaman shimmy down, head falling over, and an attempted loft over mid-on. Rubel, though, is vigilant, and leaps to grab that over his head and ensures that it is safely in his grasp such that it doesn't dribble out upon landing.

Over 1.2 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a good length delivery to Babar Azam, out Lbw! The seam-up delivery angling across after pitching on a length, skidding on a little off the seam, and Babar Azam is late in bringing the bat down. He gets trapped in front. The Umpire raises the finger.

Over 3.3 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a good length delivery to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Caught by Rahim! Sarfraz is drawn into the drive on the up, and he gets a thick edge on it; flies towards the keeper's right who dives and just about holds on to it. 

Over 20.1 Rubel Hossain bowls a pitched up delivery to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Mortaza! A full one on the pads, a casual whip off the pads with an air of arrogance, typical of a subcontinental batsman towards midwicket, and Mortaza just throws himself at that to grab it.

Over 25.1 Soumya Sarkar bowls a good length delivery to Shadab Khan, out Caught by Liton Das!! Bends his back and bowls a short one that grips off slightly before kissing the top-edge, Shadab Khan was in no position to unleash the pull, but he went through and was late on the shot. A regulation catch for the keeper. 

Over 39.2 Mehidy Hassan bowls a tossed up delivery to Asif Ali, out Stumped!! Drags him forward and extracts just ample amount of turn to rip past his outside edge. Asif Ali was on the move and couldn't quite balance himself before dragging his back foot inside the popping crease. Sharp glove-work from Liton

Over 40.5 Mahmudullah bowls a tossed up delivery to Imam-ul-Haq, out Stumped!!  It was flat and fired rapidly outside off stump, Imam premeditated the down-the-pitch smack and there was no way he could have gotten back. easy stumping for the keeper.

Over 43.5 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a good length delivery to Hasan Ali, out Caught by Mortaza!! slower short delivery dug hard into the pitch and that extra grip messes up all the timing on the pull. A booming edge and Mortaza, from mid-on, moves to his left and takes it simple.

Over 45.1 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a good length delivery to Mohammad Nawaz, out Caught by (sub)Hossain Shanto!!  Nawaz thought he had all of it; mows high into the air and hands the simplest of catches to deep mid-wicket.