New Zealand vs Pakistan 1st Test at Abu Dhabi, 16 Nov, 2018

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to bat
New Zealand 153/10 (66.3)  &  249/10 (100.4)
Pakistan 227/10 (83.2)  &  171/10 (58.4)
New Zealand won by 4 runs
Man of the Match: Ajaz Patel
  • Mohammad Abbas 0 * (10)

Over 13.2 Ish Sodhi tossed up delivery to Haris Sohail, no run, goes back in the crease and punches it straight to short mid-wicket.

Over 13.3 Ish Sodhi tossed up delivery to Haris Sohail, Boundary! Came down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over mid-on and the ball raced away to the long on fence for four.

Over 13.4 Ish Sodhi slips in a full toss to Haris Sohail, out Caught and Bowled! Haris Sohail walked forward to convert it into a low full toss and plays it straight into the hands of Sodhi and he makes no mistake.