New Zealand vs Pakistan 2nd Test at Dubai, 25 Nov, 2018

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bat
Pakistan 419/5 (167)
New Zealand 90/10 (35.3)  &  312/10 (112.5)
Pakistan won by an innings and 16 runs
Man of the Match: Yasir Shah
  • Ajaz Patel 5 * (9)

Over 8.1Yasir Shah bowls flighted delivery to Jeet Raval, leaves his crease and is beaten by that delivery. The Keeper collects the ball and effects the stumping.Stumped out

Over 26.2Yasir Shah bowls flighted delivery to KS Williamson, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught

Over 49.3Hasan Ali bowls good length delivery to Tom Latham, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught

Over 68.3 Bilal Asif bowls it flat in the air to LRPL Taylor, out Caught by Yasir Shah!! Taylor didn't have any control over the sweep shot, couldn't roll his wrists over and the top-edge lobbed behind square on the on-side.Yasir was well inside the ropes, runs in and completes a fine running catch.

Over 95.4 Hasan Ali bowls it short of length to Colin de Grandhomme, out Bowled!!  Not short enough to play the pull, also the ball was tailing in, de Grandhomme goes for it and drags it off the inside edge onto the stumps.

Over 100.5 Yasir Shah tossed up delivery to Ish Sodhi,  out Bowled!! Sodhi shuffles a long way towards off-stump to play the paddle, exposes all three sticks and ball pitches on leg and goes on to hit off as Sodhi fails to connect with the lap.

Over 109.3 Hasan Ali bowls a good length delivery to Henry Nicholls, out Bowled!! Nicholls was late in bringing his bat down, doesn't cover for the angle and the off-stump is pegged back. 

Over 112.2 Yasir Shah tossed up delivery to Neil Wagner,  out Caught by Hasan Ali!! Wagner was setting himself up for the slog-sweep, was playing against the turn, gets it low of the bat, plenty of height, but no distance. Hasan runs in from deep mid-wicket, sets himself up for the catch and holds on.

Over 112.5 Yasir Shah tossed up delivery to Trent Boult,  out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Boult pushed forward with hope, doesn't cover for the turn and the ball grazes the outside edge. Sarfraz does the rest.