Bangladesh vs West Indies 2nd T20I at Dhaka, 20 Dec, 2018

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bowl
Bangladesh 211/4 (20)
West Indies 175/10 (19.2)
Bangladesh won by 36 runs
Man of the Match: Shakib Al Hasan
  • Sheldon Cottrell 3 * (7)

Over 12.3 Oshane Thomas bowls it short of length to Mushfiqur Rahim,1 run, gets on top of the bounce and chops it to point and picks up a single.

Over 12.5 Oshane Thomas bowls a good length delivery to Mushfiqur Rahim, no run, gets forward and tries to push at it, the ball beats the outside edge of the bat.

Over 12.6 Oshane Thomas bowls a good length delivery to Mushfiqur Rahim, out Caught by Fabian Allen!! Rahim heaves across the line, gets more height than distance as Allen settles under it near deep square leg. He takes a good catch.