Bangladesh vs West Indies 3rd T20I at Dhaka, 22 Dec, 2018

Toss: Bangladesh, who chose to bowl
West Indies 190/10 (19.2)
Bangladesh 140/10 (17)
West Indies won by 50 runs
Man of the Match: Evin Lewis
  • Abu Hider 22 * (17)

Over 1.4 Oshane Thomas bowls it short of length to Litton Das, out Tamim Iqbal Run Out! 2 runs completed. Tucked off the hips and gets it past the man at square leg for a triple. Tamim pushed his partner for the extra run and he seems to be gone here. Superb throw from the deep and the keeper did the rest to whip the bails off. 

Over 4.2 Fabian Allen tossed up delivery to Soumya Sarkar, out Caught by Cottrell!! Soumya Sarkar looked to slog and found the man at long-on. Simple chance for Cottrell.

Over 4.3 Fabian Allen tossed up delivery to Shakib Al Hasan, out Caught by Cottrell!! Goes for the slog sweep off the very first ball and falls in an identical manner as Sarkar did. This time though the fielder had to dive forward and complete the catch.

Over 5.3 Keemo Paul bowls a good length delivery to Mushfiqur Rahim, out Caught by Fabian Allen!! Rahim pushed at it to gift a catch to the man at point. Easy take for the fielder at cover-point.

Over 7.3 Keemo Paul bowls a good length delivery to Mahmudullah, out Caught by Brathwaite!! Mahmudullah wanted to loft it over mid-off, no timing at all and he ends up gifting a catch to skipper Brathwaite and he makes no mistake.

Over 9.3 Keemo Paul bowls a good length delivery to Litton Das, out Caught by Brathwaite!! Liton Das went for a flick across the line. It clips the top half of the bat and pops up in the air. Brathwaite takes a sitter of the sitter.

Over 9.4 Keemo Paul bowls it short of length to Ariful Haque, out Caught by Rutherford!!  Haque fails to get his hands higher than the trajectory of the ball and top-edges the pull shot. It lands into the hands of Rutherford at mid-wicket.

Over 11.4 Keemo Paul bowls it short of length to Mohammad Saifuddin, out Caught by Shai Hope!! It was a short of length delivery, Saifuddin went for a pull, it kisses the top half of the blade and settles into the gloves of Shai Hope. 

Over 15.1 CR Brathwaite bowls a good length delivery to Mehidy Hasan, out Caught by Fabian Allen!! Mehidy Hasan attempted a pull shot. It bounces a touch extra and that produces the top-edge. It only went to the backward point.

Over 16.6 CR Brathwaite bowls a pitched up delivery to Mustafizur Rahman, out Bowled!! Mustafizur backs away a long way and then tries to make contact but misses and the ball shatters the middle stump.