Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne Renegades 29th Match at Melbourne, 13 Jan, 2019

Toss: Melbourne Renegades, who chose to bowl
Brisbane Heat 192/4 (20)
Melbourne Renegades 91/10 (17.5)
Brisbane Heat won by 101 runs
Man of the Match: Max Bryant
  • Matthew Gilkes 1 * (1)

Over 19.2Joe Mennie bowls short and wide to Alex Ross, pulls it away through mid wicketBoundary!

Over 19.3Joe Mennie bowls dragged way too short, that's a long hop to Alex Ross, goes back and across and punches it straight to pointSingle

Over 19.6Joe Mennie bowls wideball to Alex Ross, gets forward and leaves it outside off to the wicket keeper.Two wides