West Indies vs India 2nd Test at Jamaica, 30 Aug, 2019

Toss: West Indies , elected to field first
India 416/10 (140.1)  &  168/4 (54.4)
West Indies 117/10 (47.1)  &  210/10 (59.5)
India won by 257 runs
Man of the Match: Hanuma Vihari
  • ST Gabriel 0 * (1)

Over 53.3 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Jahmar Hamilton, no run, gets forward and driven along the ground towards cover.

Over 53.4 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Jahmar Hamilton, out Caught by Rahul! He's got this to balloon off the glove, with the extra bounce from a length catching the batsman by surprise as he gloves it to Rahul at second slip.