Bangalore XI vs Hyderabad XI 6th Match at Chennai, 14 Apr, 2021

Toss: Hyderabad, who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 149/8 (20)
Hyderabad XI 143/9 (20)
Bangalore won by 6 runs
Man of the Match: GJ Maxwell

    Over 3.2 Kyle Jamieson bowls a pitched up delivery to Manish Pandey, Six! Gets across the line and whiplashed away over the long-on fence with disdain.

    Over 3.6 Kyle Jamieson bowls it short of length to David Warner, Six!  Shuffles across on the back foot and pulls it high and handsome over fine leg and gets a maximum.

    Over 7.4 Washington Sundar tossed up delivery to Manish Pandey, Boundary! Gets under it and thumps it many-a-mile over the long-on fence.

    Over 18.1 Mohammed Siraj bowls a pitched up delivery to Rashid Khan,Six! Gets under the ball and smokes it over long-off for a maximum.