Delhi XI vs Kolkata XI 25th Match at Ahmedabad, 29 Apr, 2021

Toss: Delhi, who chose to bowl
Kolkata XI 154/6 (20)
Delhi XI 156/3 (16.3)
Delhi won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Prithvi Shaw
  • Shimron Hetmyer 0 * (1)
  • Marcus Stoinis 6 * (3)

Over 3.3 Axar Patel tossed up delivery to Nitish Rana, Six! Goes down on his knee and reverse sweeps this over deep backward point for half a dozen.

Over 7.6 Axar Patel tossed up delivery to Shubman Gill, Six! Goes down on his knee as he slog sweeps this  over deep mid-wicket for a cracking six.

Over 14.6: Sixer!. Axar Patel to Dinesh Karthik,

Over 15.2: Sixer!. Ishant Sharma to Andre Russell,

Over 18.5 Kagiso Rabada bowls a pitched up delivery to Andre Russell,Six!  Picks the length quickly and waits before flat-batting merrily over the sight-screen. 

Over 18.6 Kagiso Rabada slips in a full toss to Andre Russell, Six! Gets under the ball and smacked over cow corner. Blistering blow.

Over 19.6 Avesh Khan bowls a pitched up delivery to Andre Russell, Six! Comes on to the front foot and manages to get under. Smokes it straight back over the bowler's head.