England vs Sri Lanka 29th Match at Sharjah, 01 Nov, 2021

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bowl
England 163/4 (20)
Sri Lanka 137/10 (19)
England won by 26 runs
Man of the Match: Jos Buttler

    Over 0.3: Runout at the striker end. Moeen Ali to Kusal Perera,

    Over 3.3: He is Caught. Adil Rashid to Kusal Perera,

    Over 5.1 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Kusal Perera, out Caught by Morgan!! Perera advancing slice ending up in another miscue. So it's Perera's turn now to step out, hoick, end up with only the toe-end as the ball drifts across, and Morgan runs across from extra cover to gobble.

    Over 8.3 Chris Jordan bowls a good length delivery to Avishka Fernando, out Lbw!! Fernando shuffles across right in front of his stumps and then plays all around it. Past the flick, hitting him low on the shin in front of the middle.

    Over 10.5 Chris Woakes bowls a good length delivery to Bhanuka Rajapaksa, out Caught by Roy!! Rajapaksa is through with his loft early. Doesn't get the timing right and Jason Roy dives forward after running in from long-on to take a sharp catch

    Over 17.2 Chris Jordan bowls a good length delivery to Dasun Shanaka, out Shanaka Run Out!! Shanaka is cramped for room and he taps it to the keeper's right. Buttler gets to the ball quickly and hits the bulls-eye with an overarm throw. Shanaka was wandering outside his crease and paid the price. 

    Over 17.6 Chris Jordan bowls a slower one to PVD Chameera,  out Caught by Malan!! Chameera flicks aerially and makes good contact but gets the placement wrong. A pretty straightforward catch for Malan at deep square leg

    Over 18.2 Moeen Ali tossed up delivery to Chamika Karunaratne,  out Caught by Roy!! Karunaratne stays back and backs himself to clear long-on. Doesn't generate sufficient power behind the stroke and hits it straight down long-on's throat. 

    Over 18.6 Moeen Ali tossed up delivery to Maheesh Theekshana, out Caught by Jordan!!  Theekshana comes down the track, gets to the pitch and flogs this away. But he's picked out one of the safest fielder Jordan