Bangladesh vs Pakistan 3rd T20I at Dhaka, 22 Nov, 2021

Toss: Bangladesh, who chose to bat
Bangladesh 124/7 (20)
Pakistan 127/5 (20)
Pakistan won by 5 wickets
Man of the Match: Haider Ali

    Over 9.3  Usman Qadir bowls it short of length to Mohammad Naim,Six! Swivelled back quickly and muscled the pull. Over deep mid-wicket for six.

    Over 11.1  Usman Qadir tossed up delivery to Afif Hossain,Six!  Takes a step across towards off stump, the ball is floated up in the slot and he nails it over midwicket

    Over 11.6  Usman Qadir tossed up delivery to Afif Hossain, Six! Goes down on his knee and  slog-swept for six more

    Over 14.4  Usman Qadir tossed up delivery to Mohammad Naim, Six! Gets clears the front leg and swipes it over deep midwicket. 88 meters six.