Kolkata XI vs Punjab XI 8th Match at Mumbai, 01 Apr, 2022

Toss: Kolkata, who chose to bowl
Punjab XI 137/10 (18.2)
Kolkata XI 141/4 (14.3)
Kolkata won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Umesh Yadav
  • Andre Russell 70 * (31)
  • Sam Billings 24 * (23)

Over 14.1 Liam Livingstone bowls a quicker arm ball to Sam Billings,1 run, gets forward and whipped to deep mid-wicket

Over 14.2 Liam Livingstone tossed up delivery to Andre Russell, Six! Goes one-kneed to carve this flat over long-off for six.

Over 14.3 Liam Livingstone tossed up delivery to Andre Russell,Six! gets Came down the track and slogging high and deep over cow corner and gets a maximum.

Kolkata won by 6 wickets

Mayank Agarwal | PBKS: We didn't bat well enough. We showed some real fight with the ball initially and then Dre Russ came in and got going. Credit to him for taking the game away from us like that. I think it was a 170ish wicket. We started off well but could not capitalize, there were a few soft dismissals. But it is fine as it is the start of the tournament. They (bowlers) pulled it back nicely for us with 4 for 50 we were in the game, but Russell took the game away. There were a lot of positives to take away.

Shreyas Iyer | KKR: We were stunned by Punjab's approach. We didn't expect them to come so hard at us in the initial overs after losing an early wicket. But that's what I looked to do as well. We got early wickets in the powerplay. My plan was to keep my best bowlers for their hard-hitters. And that's why I kept Varun and Sunil for late. They made my job easy. They come out with their own strategies. They know what their plans are for the batsmen. They know what they are doing. To be honest, it was great to see Russell hitting. It was Russell Muscle. Umesh told me that he was getting older, but I told him that he was getting fitter. I see him wherever I go, at the gym, and he is working very hard. I know how to get the work done from him, and he has been a wonderful colleague.

Umesh Yadav | MoM: I need to work hard. Getting older and when you know you play just one format, I look to bowl as much as possible. When someone improves at practice, they do well during the match as well. I didn't think Mayank would charge at me on his first ball. He has played me a lot in the nets. I knew he would play off the back foot, and that's where I looked to bowl on a fuller length. Whatever is happening now, has been because of what I have practiced with my coaches. If you bowl at 140kph, you need to be accurate, you need to bowl at the stumps.