Lucknow XI vs Punjab XI 42nd Match at Pune, 29 Apr, 2022

Toss: Punjab, who chose to bowl
Lucknow XI 153/8 (20)
Punjab XI 133/8 (20)
Lucknow won by 20 runs
Man of the Match: Krunal Pandya
  • Arshdeep Singh 0 * (2)
  • Rishi Dhawan 21 * (22)

Over 15.4 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to PVD Chameera, no run, gets across the line and flicked to mid-wicket

Over 15.5 Rahul Chahar bowls a quicker arm ball to PVD Chameera, no run,  gets forward to defend and the ball passes the edge

Over 15.6 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to PVD Chameera, no run, gets forward and went for a drive but gets beaten.

Over 16.2 Arshdeep Singh bowls a good length delivery to PVD Chameera,1 run, gets back in the crease and punches to the right of point for a single

Over 16.4 Arshdeep Singh bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to PVD Chameera, 2 runs, gets the inside-edges the drive, wide of Jitesh Sharma for a couple

Over 16.5 Arshdeep Singh bowls a good length delivery to PVD Chameera,1 run, opens the face of the bat and guides it to third man

Over 17.2 Rahul Chahar tossed up delivery to PVD Chameera,1 run, gets forward and sweeps to deep backward square

Over 18.1 Kagiso Rabada bowls it short of length to PVD Chameera, Six!  Goes deep inside the crease and slogs it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.

Over 18.2 Kagiso Rabada bowls a good length delivery to PVD Chameera, Six!  Stand tall and slogs and gets a fat edge that carries all the way. Handy runs these

Over 18.3 Kagiso Rabada bowls a slower one to PVD Chameera, out Caught by Rahul Chahar!! Full-on off, lofted off the bottom of the bat and Rahul Chahar comes in from sweeper to take the catch.