Three sports you never thought you can bet on

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Published on: Apr 15, 2019

When you think about sports betting, the one that first comes to your mind is football. Why does this happen? Probably because is widely spread, easy to understand, and many fans are already familiar with it.

If we were to make a classification of the top three sports players choose to bet on, football might occupy the first place, followed by basketball, baseball or even rugby. The activity itself can help you immerse into the true atmosphere because you must follow your team very closely in order to place the best possible bets.

Nowadays, is easier to bet on your favourite sport because you don’t need to leave your comfortable couch. Access an online casino that has a sports betting section and you will be able to enjoy your hobby. Gaming sites need to update their features constantly because they have to please all their players, and everybody comes with demands. Some might excel in the games department, others might have the best promotions you’ve ever seen or a great mobile app. Online casinos that have all these features and more are very rare and Gala Casino is one of them. With tons of fun titles and amazing promotions, you won’t get bored at all on this website. Check kingcasinobonus website in uk and discover all its secrets and special offers!

Gaming sites come with a wide selection of sports betting and besides the ones mentioned above, you will be able to go for sports that are not so popular.


If you’re new to cricket bets, you will be very pleased to discover that are easy to understand. First, you must create an account at an online casino that offers you the chance to try your luck with cricket and deposit some money into your account. After that, you can start following the team you like and pay attention to the odds, which will constitute the helping item when you place your bet.

This sport has three formats, Test Cricket, One Day International Cricket and Twety20 International Cricket (T20). Is very important that you know the difference between these in order to be able to place a winning bet. The dedicated gaming site will offer you a wide range of odds and the possibility to follow a cricket event live.


Yes, you read it right, you can place bets on badminton. This is a fun activity to try with your family but it’s also an entertaining sport that can help you win some extra cash. You can wager your money in various ways at badminton. Firstly, you are able to bet on the team or player you think will win. Also, you can speculate on what team is possible to succeed in a particular set. You have another option, to predict the score of the match or place a bet on the total set points. The type of bet depends only on your preference. Check the odds constantly in order to make the best wagers!


Darts is a sport that has tons of fans. Even if it doesn’t imply so much movement, there are various events that delight the supporters, such as Premier League Darts, World Cup of Darts, the World Championships and many others. This sport offers different options when it comes to betting and you can make predictions on the match winner, correct score, total legs or match specials. Luckily for you, the online casino you choose will have a complete list of odds that can help you wager your money in the best way possible.

Placing bets on football is fun but if you want something different that will keep on the edge of your seat, these three options are exactly what you need. Make the best predictions and you can increase your online casino balance!

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