Is Online Betting about to change forever?

Is Online Betting about to change forever?

Published on: Apr 14, 2021

FairPlay is the world’s biggest betting exchange in terms of what it offers for the widest range of games to wager on. This one of a kind betting platform boasts of covering the maximum number of live sports events under cricket, tennis, football, horse racing and greyhound racing.

With an aim to reset the standards of the Asian sports betting and gaming market, FairPlay is carving its niche as the best exchange there is.

Not only that, you can also enjoy the live streaming of a match alongside placing your bets on the same- a sigh of relief most gamblers have since the inconvenience of having to switch between apps or to keep a tab of two devices to watch a match and bet on it gets ruled out altogether. What had begun as a passion project by veterans of the gambling world has now steadily scaled up to match international betting standards and is steadily and successfully establishing itself in the global betting market. With full focus on transparency, FairPlay is one of the most secure and trustworthy betting portals in the world today. The users are reassured of their money’s safety at every step of the way. That being said, it does not harass a user with never ending forms to fill or requirements to meet, thus ensuring that it provides the user with a smooth and hassle free yet safe and secure experience.

Known to provide the best odds in the market, FairPlay is a gambling enthusiast’s paradise. A player is guaranteed to make more money on a match on FairPlay compared to any other sportsbook available in the market given that no other betting portal offers odds to withstand the league of FairPlay. Apart from the thorough coverage of sports events, it provides the new age gambler a new age experience of a live casino well within the comfort of his house. With multiple variations under every game, FairPlay is an endless sea of options for someone who’s looking for an avenue to cash in on his luck!

A crisp and easy user experience with simplified payment gateways compared to the painstakingly lengthy ones compulsified by its competitors makes FairPlay very accessible to users from every walk of life. In addition to the 100% deposit bonus that every user receives by default upon signing up, the exchange also has a referral program that literally allows you to make money in your sleep! Once a new user signs up using an existing player’s referral code, the player receives 1% of every deposit the new user makes thereafter for as long as remains to be a FairPlay club member.

A fairly new entry into the online gaming world so to say, FairPlay has already succeeded in establishing itself in the market as a highly safe, secure and trustworthy platform. A round the clock customer service team devotedly tends to any concern a player might have 24*7. One of FairPlay's many USPs is that it provides instant transactions- withdrawals and deposits both.

FairPlay also offers a wide range of exciting live casino and card game options hosted by a live dealer. Being a betting exchange, the players are competing against each other instead of wagering against the house, thus maximising their chances at winning more money compared to other competitive portals. Since the House has little to nothing to lose, a user can be rest assured that all the games function solely and thoroughly on chance and probability.

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