Chennai XI vs Punjab XI 2nd Semi-Final at Hyderabad, 02 Oct, 2014

Toss: Kings XI Punjab, who chose to bowl first
Chennai XI 182/7 (20)
Punjab XI 117/10 (18.2)
Chennai Super Kings won by 65 runs
Man of the Match: Dwayne Bravo
  • Karanveer Singh 17 * (25)

Over 13.1 DJ Bravo bowls it short of length to Karanveer Singh, 1 run, steers the slower one to thirdman

Over 13.2 DJ Bravo bowls it short of length to Akshar Patel, FOUR, slashes his cut past backward point for a Boundary!

Over 13.3 DJ Bravo bowls a pitched up delivery to Akshar Patel, FOUR, lifts it flat in the air to the left of mid off for a Boundary!

Over 13.4 DJ Bravo bowls a good length delivery to Akshar Patel, 1 run, pushes the slower one through point for one

Over 13.5 DJ Bravo bowls a short and rising delivery to Karanveer Singh, 1 run, upper cuts it on the bounce to thirdman

Over 13.6 DJ Bravo bowls it short of length to Akshar Patel, 1 run, tucks the slower one to long on