Hyderabad XI vs Rajasthan XI 40th Match at Dubai, 27 Sep, 2021

Toss: Rajasthan, who chose to bat
Rajasthan XI 164/5 (20)
Hyderabad XI 167/3 (18.3)
Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Jason Roy
  • Abhishek Sharma 21 * (16)
  • Kane Williamson 51 * (41)

Over 1.1 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a good length delivery to Evin Lewis, out Caught by Abdul Samad!! Lewis pulls, but he didn't get the placement right. Samad is very good with his fielding and makes no mistake. Early blow to the Royals.

Over 8.4 Sandeep Sharma bowls a good length delivery to Yashasvi Jaiswal, out Bowled!! Jaiswal thought he could jump out again and muscle the ball, but moved a bit too leg-side and had to reach out, in the process under-edged the ball onto the base of off stump.

Over 10.1 Rashid Khan bowls a quicker arm ball to Liam Livingstone, out Caught by Abdul Samad!! Livingstone hasn't gotten into the right position for the pull stroke. Perhaps the line was a tad wider too and all he manages is a mishit that is pouched well at deep backward square leg.

Over 19.2 Siddarth Kaul bowls a good length delivery to Sanju Samson, out Caught by Holder!! Samson wanted to go over long-on but the bat just turned a bit on impact and he couldn't get the desired connection. Straight down the throat of Holder at long-on

Over 19.4 Siddarth Kaul bowls a good length delivery to Riyan Parag, out Caught by Roy!!