Pakistan vs West Indies 2nd T20I at Karachi, 14 Dec, 2021

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bat
Pakistan 172/8 (20)
West Indies 163/10 (20)
Pakistan won by 9 runs
Man of the Match: Shadab Khan

    Over 2.1 Akeal Hosein tossed up delivery to Babar Azam, Boundary! Stays leg-side of the ball and drills this through the covers for four.

    Over 2.4 Akeal Hosein tossed up delivery to Fakhar Zaman, Boundary! Gets to wait on the back foot and slaps the cut through the covers. Gets off the mark with ease..

    Over 3.2 Oshane Thomas bowls it short of length to Mohammad Rizwan, Boundary! Hoicked away over mid-wicket and the ball reaches the fence in a jiffy

    Over 3.5 Oshane Thomas bowls a good length delivery to Mohammad Rizwan, Boundary! Gets reaches out for it and slashes it down to the deep point fence for four.

    Over 11.5 Odean Smith bowls a pitched up delivery to Haider Ali, Boundary!gets forward and drives on the rise and places it between mid-off and cover. Glorious!

    Over 12.6: Boundary!. Hayden Walsh to Iftikhar Ahmed,

    Over 18.1: Boundary!. Dominic Drakes to Shadab Khan,

    Over 18.6: Boundary!. Dominic Drakes to Mohammad Wasim Jr,