Sri Lanka vs UAE 2nd Match at Dhaka , 25 Feb, 2016

Toss: UAE, who chose to bowl first
Sri Lanka 129/8 (20)
UAE 115/9 (20)
Sri Lanka won by 14 runs
Man of the Match: Lasith Malinga
  • Qadeer Ahmed 6 * (4)
  • Ahmed Raza 9 * (8)

Over 6.6 AD Mathews bowls a good length delivery to Swapnil Patil, Six!! Gets it from outside off and got inside the line. Helped it with a whip, timed to perfection and sailed into the stands over long leg.

Over 9.1 HMRKB Herath bowls a tossed up delivery to Swapnil Patil, Six!! Comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the delivery and lofts it over long-off for maximum.