Delhi XI vs Kolkata XI 16th Match at Sharjah, 03 Oct, 2020

Toss: Kolkata, who chose to bowl
Delhi XI 228/4 (20)
Kolkata XI 210/8 (20)
Delhi won by 18 runs
Man of the Match: Shreyas Iyer
  • Shivam Mavi 1 * (3)
  • Kamlesh Nagarkoti 3 * (3)

Over 19.5 Marcus Stoinis bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to Shivam Mavi, no run, stays deep inside the crease and digs it out down the pitch.

Over 19.6 Marcus Stoinis bowls a pitched up delivery to Shivam Mavi,1 leg bye, goes well across the stumps and tries to play the scoop, the ball goes off the pads down the leg side.

Delhi won by 18 runs