New Zealand vs Pakistan 1st Test at Abu Dhabi, 16 Nov, 2018

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to bat
New Zealand 153/10 (66.3)  &  249/10 (100.4)
Pakistan 227/10 (83.2)  &  171/10 (58.4)
New Zealand won by 4 runs
Man of the Match: Ajaz Patel
  • Mohammad Abbas 0 * (10)

Over 13.1 Ish Sodhi tossed up delivery to Mohammad Hafeez, out Caught by de Grandhomme!! 

Over 13.4 Ish Sodhi slips in a full toss to Haris Sohail, out Caught and Bowled! Haris Sohail walked forward to convert it into a low full toss and plays it straight into the hands of Sodhi and he makes no mistake.

Over 37.3 Neil Wagner bowls a good length delivery to Asad Shafiq, out Caught by Watling! Shafiq has a poke at it to steer it away, tempted at the moment and nicks it through to the wicketkeeper.

Over 42.4 Ajaz Patel tossed up delivery to Babar Azam, out Babar Azam Run Out!!

Over 44.6 Ajaz Patel tossed up delivery to Sarfraz Ahmed,  out Caught by Watling!! The spike is a quite dodgy, shaky all the way through, but just as the ball goes under Sarfraz's sweep, there is a slightly larger murmur. It has to be the glove.

Over 46.2 Ajaz Patel bowls a quicker arm ball to Bilal Asif, out Bowled!! Bilal tries to play across-the-line slog, but the ball was just too full, sneaks well under the extravaganza that Bilal was putting up here and middle-stump.

Over 47.4 Neil Wagner bowls a good length delivery to Hasan Ali, no run, stays on the front foot and left alone outside off through to the keeper.

Over 50.6 Ajaz Patel tossed up delivery to Hasan Ali, out Caught by (sub)Southee!! Hasan Ali goes after a big-wide-away-spinner with an ugly sitting slog -- only to manage an obvious toe-ended mistime. And Southee takes at long-on.

Over 58.4 Ajaz Patel bowls it flat in the air to Azhar Ali, out Lbw!! It was drifting on leg, nicely looped slowly up too. Azhar ends up defending all around it and is pinned on his back foot. The Umpire raises the finger.